CSHOA Governing Documents

For the full set of documents as of 05/19/2016, click here .

Included in the file are the following individual documents:

  1. Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Charges and Liens of Chesapeake Station as recorded November 29, 2000
  2. Articles of Incorporation for Chesapeake Station Homeowners Association, Inc. June 15th, 1982 as recorded September 23, 1982
  3. CSHOA Bylaws as Amended December 5, 1990
  4. Bylaws Amendment – Late Fees
  5. Bylaws Amendment – Quorum
  6. Informal Action of the Board which changed Resident Agent and Principal Office Address as recorded March 13, 1989
  7. Policy Resolutions One through Six as Recorded October 12, 2000
  8. Policy Resolution Seven December 8, 2014 as Recorded January 27, 2015
  9. Policy Resolution Three May 2, 2016 as Recorded May 19, 2016

The above documents must be conveyed by Sellers to the Buyer of any home in Chesapeake Station.  Owners who rent their property in Chesapeake Station must also make their tenants aware of the guidance and restrictions on Chesapeake Station residents described in the above documents.

Printed copies of the above documents may be ordered through HomeWiseDocs.  Other documents that may be required as part of a Reseller package or by lenders are also available at HomeWiseDocs. Note that requestors must create a login account.