2018 Decorating Contest Winners!

Who Won?

This year Chesapeake Station gave the town a run for their money in holiday decorating.  It was exciting to see so many homes so beautifully decorated!  Of course that made the judging in our own Holiday Decorating contest extremely difficult.  We are considering creating categories for next year.…stay tuned!

So after much deliberation these are the final results:

1st Place – Bruce and Becky Wahl, 7789 C St.  An animated, interactive display with music!

2nd Place – Charlie Pritchard, 4006 Carousel Way.  Entire house lighted accented by Snoopy ice skating in the yard!

3rd Place – Bill Leebel & Elizabeth Gallun, 4001 Carousel Way.  Lights top to bottom even a touch of the tropical with the addition of flamingos!

4th Place – Mike Kouvarakos & Julie Cook, 4022 17th St  A Child like whimsey around the entire house!

Honorable Mention  Robin St. Laurent & Robert Wood, 7788 Denrzel Ct.  House framed in lights with an extremely large wreath near the roof!

Thanks to all and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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