2022 Fireworks!


2022 Fireworks Over the Bay!

After a two-year gap, the Town of Chesapeake Beach is restarting their annual Independence Day fireworks celebration.  This annual event be held on July 3 with a rain date of July 9.  As in the past, CSHOA, with assistance from the County Sheriff’s Department and the Town, will be closing the north and south C St. entrances to Chesapeake Station.  Beginning at 4:00PM, vehicle access to Chesapeake Station at Mears Ave. and at 17th St. will be restricted to those vehicles that have a valid Chesapeake Station sticker or carry a one-day parking pass.  Up to four one-day guest passes are available for Chesapeake Station households on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Passes are not required for pedestrians.  Passes may be requested from Carol OBrand (571-230-9343) for Carousel Way and Dentzel Ct. residents, Kim Brams (202-390-1866) for Overlook residents, and Paul Doherty (443-454-3637) for all others.  Requests may also be made by email to cshoa@comcast.net.

Chesapeake Station receives a lot of visitors on that day so please ask your guests to consider carpooling.  If your guests are arriving early, consider having them park in public areas and walk into Chesapeake Station.  If your guests don’t have a parking pass, their vehicle will not be admitted even if you vouch for them.

Please NOTE – If you lease your property to others, we may not have your tenant’s contact information.  Please ensure they are aware of the rules and restrictions that will be in place that day.

Parking is permitted in private driveways, with permission of the householder, or in the street.  However, please be considerate and do not park in a location that blocks a driveway or road access.  Remember that you are responsible for the conduct and safety of your guests.  And a final reminder: use of fireworks is prohibited.  Please instruct your guests that they may not set off firecrackers, rockets, or explode anything anywhere in Chesapeake Station, including your own yard.

Be aware of the traffic plan that the Town will put in place around the time of the start of the Fireworks.  The traffic plan is set up to eliminate left hand turns on a portion of Route 261 going through the Twin Beaches, enabling traffic to flow with minimal stopping.  The centerline of Route 261 will be blocked with delineation devices that will prohibit vehicles from making U-turns. Traffic north of Route 260 along Route 261 on the east side of Route 261 must make right turns and exit left on 5th Street to Boyd’s Turn Road to Route 260.  Traffic on the west side of Route 261 must make a right turn and exit on 27th Street to G Street to Route 260. Traffic south of Route 260 along Route 261 on the east side of Route 261 must make a right turn and must turn left onto Route 260.  Traffic on the west side of Route 261 must turn right and continue along Route 261 to Summer City Blvd or continue south to Ponds Wood Road and proceed to Maryland Route 4.

Thanks for your cooperation and help, and we hope you have a wonderful Independence Day celebration.

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Committee Chairs

Looking for Committee Chairpersons

As you may remember, one of our residents, Christian Cardnuto, stepped in a few months ago to fill the Chair of our Architecture Committee after the long-time Chairperson, Penny Schmidt, resigned.  Recently Christian announced to the Board that his circumstances have changed and he is no longer able to serve on the Committee.

The Chesapeake Station Architecture Committee is an important element in the operation of our HOA and the Board of Directors is seeking an owner who is willing to step in as new Chairperson.

The Chair position on our Social Committee has also been vacant for some time and now that COVID pandemic restrictions are starting to relax, we would like to restart our program of Social activities.  Therefore, the Board is also seeking a volunteer to step in as Chair of the Social Committee.

We ask that you please give serious consideration to contributing to our Association by volunteering for these roles.  If you would like to put your name forward for either position, please send a reply to cshoa@comcast.net.

Thanks in advance.

Chesapeake Station Board of Directors

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Your Vote Counts!

Let Your Voice be Heard

Did you know that Chesapeake Beach residents should be voting in TWO separate elections?  There is the National Election and a separate election for Chesapeake Beach Mayor and Town Council.

Information for Maryland residents on registration and voting in the National election can be found here.  If you don’t believe you’ll be able to get to a polling location on November 3, you can early vote in person starting now.

Early voting and voting on November 3 in the National election can be done at the Community Resources Building on 30 Duke St. in Prince Frederick.  If you are not yet registered to vote in Maryland, you can register in person at the Community Resource Building as late as election day.  Bring documentation to prove where you live.

Besides the list of candidates for office, the Maryland ballot has two Yes/No questions on expansion of gambling in the State. Don’t overlook those.

Information on voting in the Town of Chesapeake Beach election can be found here.  The voting location will be Chesapeake Beach Town Hall, at the corner of Bayside Rd. and 26th St.

To vote in the Town election, you must be a resident of Chesapeake Beach and registered to vote in Maryland or be listed on the Town Supplemental Voter List.  Information on registration for Town elections can be found here.

Similar to the Maryland ballot, the Town ballot has two Yes/No questions on expansion of gambling in the Town!  These are particularly important since they have a potential local impact on Chesapeake Beach residents.

So get out and vote!  See you at the elections.

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Trash Collection

Dear Chesapeake Station Owners and Residents

This is a friendly reminder to please remember and follow the Chesapeake Beach Town Code and CSHOA Governing Documents regarding trash and recyclables.

Town Code requires that garbage, trash or debris be placed out for collection only in proper receptacles.  HOA Governing documents require that receptacles for household trash and garbage must be of durable hard rubber or plastic material and watertight with tight fitting covers to control odor and prevent animal access.  Trash placed in these containers must be bagged.

Yard waste (e.g. grass clippings, twigs, leafs) may be placed out for collection in sturdy bags and recyclables should be placed in blue or yellow bins.

Owners who rent out their property in our development are responsible for ensuring that their tenants follow Town and CSHOA guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and for maintaining the cleanliness of our community!

From the Board of Directors
Chesapeake Station

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Spring Time

Spring is Springing

Spring starts on March 19 and the weather is warming.  And there are a few items that we’d like to bring to everyone’s attention here at Chesapeake Station.

Please remember that dogs must be leashed at all times while outdoors. This is a courtesy to others, a County law, and a rule of our Association.  There’s nothing more disconcerting than walking your dog and having an unleashed dog come bounding up to check out your pet, twisting up your leash, tripping you, and frightening everyone.  All the while hearing the other owner yell “Spot, don’t do that!”  As if Spot is listening.  Please be considerate!

Our Townhouse parking lots are looking a little worn and tired and the Board has decided to contract with a paving company to fill cracks, seal, and re-stripe the lots.  We’re waiting for the weather to warm up further and don’t have a date yet for the work.  But be on the lookout. The lots will need to be vacated of all vehicles for approximately 3 days when the work is done. The Board will notify everyone when we are scheduled.

As the weather warms, some of you may be considering renewal and repair projects on your property.  Remember that, per our Governing Documents, plans for any work on the outside of your home must be submitted to the HOA Architecture Committee for review and approval before you start.  This includes landscaping and work on the structure. The application form can be found on our website here.

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2019 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

Who Won?

We want to thank Chesapeake Station residents for participating in the 2019 “Door or More” decorating event that successfully made our neighborhood look beautiful and very festive.  Thank you all for all your hard work!  And now we would like to acknowledge the following awards:

Spirit of Christmas – Charlie Pritchart

Creativity – Bruce and Becky Wahl

Beach Theme – Bill and Elizabeth Leebel

And Special Acknowledgements for Holiday Lighting to:

Keith and Debbie Belhumeur

Jim, Lois and Abundance Boekestein


Thanks for a job well done and have a wonderful 2020!


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I don’t know if the fox population in the beaches is increasing but we’ve been hearing reports of more sightings than in the past. A Chesapeake Station resident recently reported seeing a fox on C St. See the video here. Foxes are opportunistic feeders and it’s important that you keep your trash containers well secured. Although cat is not their first choice, they will attack cats if hungry enough or threatened. So also keep your fur babies indoors.

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Non-Resident Parking

Non-Resident Parking in Chesapeake Station

Many residents have been frustrated with the on-going construction at the Rod & Reel and the loss of on-premises parking there.  While they have free valet parking, satellite parking lots with 24/7 shuttles, and ask patrons not to park in our neighborhood, it has not stopped regular daily parking by non-residents on Chesapeake Station streets.

As much as we’d like to completely prohibit parking by Rod & Reel patrons in Chesapeake Station, our main streets – C Street, Arcade Ct. Band Shell Ct., Carousel Way, and Dentzel Ct. – are owned by the Town and public parking is permitted.  But only at legal spots.  Parking within 30 feet of a stop sign, near or in intersections, or blocking driveway access is prohibited by Maryland law.  Our Townhouse lots are HOA property and parking by outsiders in those lots is also prohibited.

A resident who parks some of the family’s cars on C St. because they don’t all fit in the driveway has complained recently about being accosted by other residents, who mistakenly believe the vehicles are owned by Rod & Reel patrons. The Sheriff’s Department advises citizens not to initiate a confrontation with drivers parking in our streets.  It is potentially dangerous and also rude to aggressively confront strangers based on presumptions they don’t belong.  If you must approach someone you don’t recognize, please only do so respectfully and politely to understand who they are.  If their vehicle is parked illegally, you can advise them and hope the person will respect that and move their vehicle.  If a vehicle is parked illegally, you can contact the Sheriff’s Dept. at their non-emergency number (410-535-2800) and request that a Deputy be sent out.

Also, we ask that residents display a CSHOA parking decal on their vehicle window.  While not a perfect solution, it does provide the Board some insight into who is parking in our development.  If you do not have a parking decal you can request decals via email to cshoa@comcast.net.

We are expecting that the problem of non-resident parking in Chesapeake Station will greatly improve when construction of the Rod & Reel garage is completed.  Current estimates are early November for an opening of the garage.



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Rental Properties

HOA Rental Properties

For those of you who do not receive the Chesapeake Beach Town Newsletter, or don’t read it, there is an important item about residential housing in the new Summer 2019 newsletter.  The Town has recently adopted Ordinance O-19-11, which includes requirements for residential rental properties and landlords who rent out a home located with the Town borders.

Of particular note, Section 162-14 of the Ordinance sets down a requirement that all residential rental properties in the Town must be licensed!   Approximately 17% of the homes in Chesapeake Station are rented out by their owners and this Town requirement will apply to those properties.  More information about the new Ordinance can be found on the Town website here.

The first step by property owners in meeting this Ordinance is to register their rental property with the Town.  The on-line registration form can be found here. The Town expects to begin inspection of rental properties in the Spring of 2020.

Note that this Town Ordinance is in addition to the long standing requirement in the Chesapeake Station HOA Covenants (Section 13(b)(iii)), which are incorporated in owners’ deeds by reference, that a Chesapeake Station owner who leases out their property must notify the CSHOA Board of Directors within 5 days and provide a copy of the lease.  The reason for this provision is for the Board of Directors to understand, for reasons of management and safety, who is living in our development.  The notification requirement also helps prevent short term rentals such as seen on AirBnB and VRBO and the transient population associated with that.  A notification form is available on the CSHOA website here.  This form must be be sent to the Board of Directors each time a new lease is signed or an existing lease renewed.

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Chesapeake Station Trespasser

Chesapeake Station Trespasser


It has come to our attention that a well dressed and groomed female, short haired blonde, forties, heavy set, has recently been approaching Chesapeake Station residents on the street, crying and stating that she has an emergency in her family and needs a ride to a designated place, which turns out to be a sketchy area in Upper Marlboro. Upon arrival at the destination, she has also asked for money.  At least four Chesapeake Station residents have been approached by her.  We would like to heighten residents’ awareness that this is a scam.  If you do experience an encounter with this person, you should call the Calvert County Sheriff’s Dept. non-emergency number (410) 535-2800 to report it.

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