Chesapeake Station Trespasser

Chesapeake Station Trespasser


It has come to our attention that a well dressed and groomed female, short haired blonde, forties, heavy set, has recently been approaching Chesapeake Station residents on the street, crying and stating that she has an emergency in her family and needs a ride to a designated place, which turns out to be a sketchy area in Upper Marlboro. Upon arrival at the destination, she has also asked for money.  At least four Chesapeake Station residents have been approached by her.  We would like to heighten residents’ awareness that this is a scam.  If you do experience an encounter with this person, you should call the Calvert County Sheriff’s Dept. non-emergency number (410) 535-2800 to report it.

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  1. Evelyn Sherman says:

    She approached us last year. She told us she was locked out of her house and needed to get to Watson’s Corners to get a key from her sister. When we approached the area asked us what time it was and asked us if we would take her to her sister’s house off of Rt. 301 just south of the Giant. She also asked us for money but got none. We gave her the ride because she was pregnant.

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