Non-Resident Parking

Non-Resident Parking in Chesapeake Station

Many residents have been frustrated with the on-going construction at the Rod & Reel and the loss of on-premises parking there.  While they have free valet parking, satellite parking lots with 24/7 shuttles, and ask patrons not to park in our neighborhood, it has not stopped regular daily parking by non-residents on Chesapeake Station streets.

As much as we’d like to completely prohibit parking by Rod & Reel patrons in Chesapeake Station, our main streets – C Street, Arcade Ct. Band Shell Ct., Carousel Way, and Dentzel Ct. – are owned by the Town and public parking is permitted.  But only at legal spots.  Parking within 30 feet of a stop sign, near or in intersections, or blocking driveway access is prohibited by Maryland law.  Our Townhouse lots are HOA property and parking by outsiders in those lots is also prohibited.

A resident who parks some of the family’s cars on C St. because they don’t all fit in the driveway has complained recently about being accosted by other residents, who mistakenly believe the vehicles are owned by Rod & Reel patrons. The Sheriff’s Department advises citizens not to initiate a confrontation with drivers parking in our streets.  It is potentially dangerous and also rude to aggressively confront strangers based on presumptions they don’t belong.  If you must approach someone you don’t recognize, please only do so respectfully and politely to understand who they are.  If their vehicle is parked illegally, you can advise them and hope the person will respect that and move their vehicle.  If a vehicle is parked illegally, you can contact the Sheriff’s Dept. at their non-emergency number (410-535-2800) and request that a Deputy be sent out.

Also, we ask that residents display a CSHOA parking decal on their vehicle window.  While not a perfect solution, it does provide the Board some insight into who is parking in our development.  If you do not have a parking decal you can request decals via email to [email protected].

We are expecting that the problem of non-resident parking in Chesapeake Station will greatly improve when construction of the Rod & Reel garage is completed.  Current estimates are early November for an opening of the garage.



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