Trash Collection

Dear Chesapeake Station Owners and Residents

This is a friendly reminder to please remember and follow the Chesapeake Beach Town Code and CSHOA Governing Documents regarding trash and recyclables.

Town Code requires that garbage, trash or debris be placed out for collection only in proper receptacles.  HOA Governing documents require that receptacles for household trash and garbage must be of durable hard rubber or plastic material and watertight with tight fitting covers to control odor and prevent animal access.  Trash placed in these containers must be bagged.

Yard waste (e.g. grass clippings, twigs, leafs) may be placed out for collection in sturdy bags and recyclables should be placed in blue or yellow bins.

Owners who rent out their property in our development are responsible for ensuring that their tenants follow Town and CSHOA guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and for maintaining the cleanliness of our community!

From the Board of Directors
Chesapeake Station

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  1. John Hauser says:

    Need to send out a message: recycling pick-up is the next 2 Thursdays because of the holidays

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