Committee Chairs

Looking for Committee Chairpersons

As you may remember, one of our residents, Christian Cardnuto, stepped in a few months ago to fill the Chair of our Architecture Committee after the long-time Chairperson, Penny Schmidt, resigned.  Recently Christian announced to the Board that his circumstances have changed and he is no longer able to serve on the Committee.

The Chesapeake Station Architecture Committee is an important element in the operation of our HOA and the Board of Directors is seeking an owner who is willing to step in as new Chairperson.

The Chair position on our Social Committee has also been vacant for some time and now that COVID pandemic restrictions are starting to relax, we would like to restart our program of Social activities.  Therefore, the Board is also seeking a volunteer to step in as Chair of the Social Committee.

We ask that you please give serious consideration to contributing to our Association by volunteering for these roles.  If you would like to put your name forward for either position, please send a reply to [email protected].

Thanks in advance.

Chesapeake Station Board of Directors

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  1. Bea Paddy says:

    Not that I want to be Chair of the Social Committee, but I would like to help organize a Spring get together near the beach or down in the waterfront somewhere. We could rent tables, a porta potty and have it catered. I could put that information together but have no idea for entertainment and such. We could set up cornhole and other yard games if everyone would want. Just throwing this out there for consideration. I was thinking May as we might have some warmer weather at that time. We could discuss this during the upcoming Board Meeting on the 14th.

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