Solar Home Energy

As the cost of solar energy technology decreases, solar power equipment for homeowners is becoming more popular.  The Maryland Energy Administration has published a Guide to Going Solar, which provides information to homeowners considering the installation of a solar array.  The guide includes information such as as reasons for going solar, financing a solar system, how to choose a contractor, and how to keep your system going after it’s installed.  The complete 72-page document can be found here.

CSHOA governing documents permit Chesapeake Station owners to install a solar array on their property but with some conditions.  The following provisions from the CSHOA Architectural Guidelines apply:

  1. Panels must be installed no higher than 10″ above the roof surface and run parallel along it.
  2. The installation must provide a minimum of 12″ clearance between the edge of the solar panels and the roof edge, roof peak, and neighboring townhome walls. This is to allow for maintenance access.
  3. All supporting hardware and conduit must be painted to blend with the siding or roof color.
  4. Supporting electrical equipment (e.g. batteries, inverters, timers, etc.) and all conduits must be properly secured and hidden from view to the extent reasonably possible. Landscape screening may be required by the Architectural Committee.
  5. Design drawings must be furnished which show dimensions of the roof and the solar panels when installed.
  6. All County, and Town permit and inspection requirements must be met.

Since installation of a solar array is an external change to your property’s appearance, plans must be approved before-hand by the CSHOA Architectural Committee.  A homeowner can submit their plans on the Architectural Change Request form here.

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